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Productivity on a Miserable Day

Well its a miserable wet and windy day here in Wexford today.  Not the kind of weather that would entice you to go out and about….

There is always plenty to do at home ..  however if your looking for something really productive to do that will really brighten your spirits how about giving your floors a new lease of life and giving your home a lift?  It always makes you feel better when your home is spruced up and looking like new again.

With our Surface Plus products you can get the life and colour back into a dull worn floor, giving it a new lease of life and restoring it.

Do you have floors that you would only love to take a bucket of bleach to but cant as they are delicate surfaces? Stone? Marble? Slate? Porcelain?  Cant find anything that will restore them and strip them back to their original state without being too harsh?

Starting with the Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner and maintaining with the everyday Easy Care cleaner (also suitable for your timber floors) your floors will be like new in no time .


heavy duty


The Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner is cleaner for use on the following specified surfaces: unglazed porcelain, honed stone, slate and terracotta. It is especially effective in restoring aged surfaces or badly stained surfaces. It is particularly effective at removing grease, oil, wax, polishes, varnish, paint, tar, dirt and old solvent based sealers that have built up on surface over time. Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner leaves the surface colour and texture revived to new condition. Unlike other strong cleaners and solvents it has a lovely fresh smell so not unpleasant to use


surface plus easy care

The Easy Care Cleaner is an everyday water based cleaner for use on the following specified surfaces: unglazed porcelain, honed stone, slate, glazed porcelain, terracotta, wooden floors, marble, polished porcelain and unpolished porcelain. Easy Care Cleaner is especially effective in cleaning surfaces without leaving the residue that other brand name cleaners will leave and shall not dull the surface over time. It is particularly effective at repairing minor surface scratches which have occurred over time. The product leaves the surface clean, fresh smelling and once dry the surface can be buffed to a high shine if required.

Call into our showroom or phone us on 053 9121060 where our team of advisers can guide you on directions of use also.

Notice: Shades & Colours

To enure customer satisfaction, before purchasing from our website we recommend that a sample of the tile you require is sent to you to ensure you get the product you are looking for as batches may vary in colour etc and are also not always true to the photographed image. A photographed image will not always capture 100% the true tones/textures of each product. If you choose to order without seeing a sample of our current batch we cannot except responsibility for any variations. Our aim is to ensure you get the product you are looking for and to make your shopping experience with us a pleasant one.