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March 29, 2017
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Spring Bathroom

‘Spring Cleaning’, like it or loath it, it’s that time of year again.  Why spring is associated with the big clean we have no idea but for most it’s a time of year where people enjoy making their homes less cluttered and fresh.  What we do know is that living in a decluttered, fresh, gleaming home does make us feel a lot happier so whether it feels like bliss or pure hell it has huge benefits and is most certainly worth spending some time at.

One of the nicest rooms in your home that you can spend time in is your bathroom. It’s a place where you can truly relax.  Lay back and soak in a bath and unwind after a hard day or simply standing under a nice hot shower while washing away the days stresses and having that bath or shower glistening and having the surroundings fresh will definitely make that experience a whole lot more enjoyable than washing piled up, mold or mildew on your walls, and marks all over the floor.

So bearing the season in mind here are a few tips with helping to make your bathroom a fresh enjoyable space again


Tiles can be an inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom.   If you currently have none at all you may consider tiling part of your bathroom, a cill or part of the room.  Depending on your tile selection they can reflect light making the room feel airier, particularly in a small room.  In a larger room a warm colour selection can make that space feel cosier and more relaxing.




It is amazing what a run of a paint brush or roller can do to freshen up your bathroom.  Without realising walls can become discoloured and marked over time.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on new paint,  if you still have some left over from before you can just freshen up and your room will look fresher and brighter.



Accessories are another inexpensive way to ad colour and character to your bathroom and you can keep it as simple as you like.  It can be from just one simple item like a coloured towel to a few matching items like rugs etc.

Flowers and Plants

Believe it or not its amazing the difference a simple touch like adding flowers or plants to your bathroom can make.  It really doesn’t take much, just a simple jar and a few favourites from your garden or store.  Keeping them fresh and replacing them often will introduce change to your bathroom too so they become more than an ornament and ad a little change of character to your bathroom.  And how much more inexpensive can  you get, right?




Remembering there is generally a lot more natural light in your room in the spring and summer months why not take advantage of that, you could think about changing the wattage of your light bulbs over this time.  This will change the mood of your room, change how you see colours like tiles and paint and it will also be more economical, saving you money..not a bad thing to consider all around!!!

Enjoy your spring cleaning.  From all at PK Tiles

Notice: Shades & Colours

To enure customer satisfaction, before purchasing from our website we recommend that a sample of the tile you require is sent to you to ensure you get the product you are looking for as batches may vary in colour etc and are also not always true to the photographed image. A photographed image will not always capture 100% the true tones/textures of each product. If you choose to order without seeing a sample of our current batch we cannot except responsibility for any variations. Our aim is to ensure you get the product you are looking for and to make your shopping experience with us a pleasant one.