Project 8 - PK Tiles

Project 8

Elaine Anderson – Gorey
August 31, 2016
Trinity Mazda Wexford
March 1, 2017

Project 8

We had the pleasure in viewing another completed project here in Wexford this week and had the chance to take some photos and all we can say is ‘Wow’.  This home has certainly been designed with a lot of thought and individuality and we think it looks absolutely stunning.

On entering their home you are first guided through their main hallway for which they chose the stunning and impressive Unika 60×120 which marries perfectly with their stone steps which guide you up to their beautiful naturally lit hallway adorned by large windows to one side.  For their longer hallway they have chosen the beautiful Vision Mountain Oak 8mm Laminate, a perfect choice for practicality and that warmer feel.    We love how they have chosen to inject colour with their windows, and you will see when we get to the kitchen how this all ties together so well.


To the opposite side of the main entrance hall you will enter, through a sliding door, their kitchen area.  Keeping with the blue theme they have chosen a striking kitchen, very unique.  Keeping with the neutral tones of the rest of the house they have chosen to continue the Unika from the main hallway through to the kitchen.


Going back to the split level to create that feeling of separate areas yet still keeping the feeling of open space you are brought from their kitchen down a step to their living area for which they have chosen again the Vision Mountain Oak 8mm Laminate.  Marrying with the kitchen extremely well this creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in this lovely relaxed area.

The Vision Mountain Oak reappears many more times throughout the home, in their impressive walk through wardrobe, guest rooms and main living room

Their main guest bathroom is definitely an impressive room.  For this room they inject life and colour with the stunning Interno 9 rust in the shower area while choosing the Interno 9 Pearl for the remaining walls and floor.

For their Master En-Suite keeping with the interior design of the home they have, in this case, chosen a different colour variation of the Interno 9 opting for the Pearl just as the main bathroom but this time contrasted with the Interno 9 dark.

For their guest En-Suite they have chosen the beautiful Lenox Grey 60×60 which again complements the interior design of the home perfectly.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our clients for inviting us in to their beautiful home and we wish them many years of happiness.


Notice: Shades & Colours

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