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January 25, 2016
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Pancake Tuesday Feb 9th

It’s February….

With shrove Tuesday just around the corner on Feburary 9th do you have your family favorite recipes ready?




We love pancake Tuesday, building family memories.  A flour mess on the floors, the odd egg on the worktop and plenty of family fun. The kitchen is where alot of family memories are built. Our top tips in getting the whole family involved…




1. Find some fun favourite recipes and see what new ones everyone might like to try
2. Enlist in some professional help from those who love cooking (making a mess) the most…. those little fingers
3. See who has the best at flipping skills, its not always who you expect !!
4. Sit around the table together and enjoy.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the heart of every family. Make it enjoyable, make memories… remember the mess can be cleared up anytime but memories are for building now.  Your house is a home, you created it, now enjoy it !


pancake 3


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